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Hi! My name is Lynette Chandler. I'm a WordPress plugin developer and have been since 2004. If you have no idea what that means that's OK. It's often hard to describe what I do if you're not in the industry. All you have to know is I make small software that make websites work and sometimes, I also make websites pretty.

So what's a geek like me doing in beauty? Good question. My first answer is, geeky girls want to look beautiful too! Following up with that, I believe humans are multi-faceted. We don't have one interest that dominates our lives. Maybe some of us do, and for the most part we might have one interest that is the central point of our lives but we all have other interests too. That's a very healthy thing!

Beyond that, I'm at a stage in life, I have more time on my hands, I want to be more outgoing. I want to have fun while making money in areas that aren't directly related or have no relation to my work. Something different so my mind has a new and different set of challenges to work on that in turn gives it rest. That way, when I return to my regular job, I'm refreshed, excited and much more effective.

Besides, helping my sisters out there (YOU!) look your best is one of the most fun thing I can think of to do. Before you go, make sure you join my email alert list or our Facebook group to learn more about LipSense and get your hands on this wonderful product.