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Geeky Gals Should Look Gorgeous

My name is Lynette Chandler. I'm a web applications developer who happens to want to look good but not girly. That means no fuss, with big results. I found that answer in LipSense!

LipSense Kit Sm

What's LipSense? Why All The Fuss?

If you're new to LipSense, you're probably wondering what the hype is all about and... is it that? Hype?

Very quickly, it's a long-wearing lip color that stays on up to 18 hours. It's water proof and kiss proof. It does this using a 2 part system. The color that stays looking great all day, and the gloss that seals and moisturizes.

As for hype, well... the best way to know for sure is to try it.

How To Order

The ordering process is simple. Click the button below. Complete the form and submit. Once I receive it, I'll email you with an invoice to pay. Your order will be prepared if I have stock on hand or I'll order it and have it ready for you.

How Do I Try It?

Step #1: Join my Facebook Group right away. That gives you direct access to me. You'll also be able to access more information, videos, and get a chance to learn about giveaways and parties.

Step #2: Reach out either on the group or by private message to me to schedule a demo if you're local in the Eastern Carolina area. If not, no worries! Reach out to me and we'll discuss our options.

Not On Facebook?

That's OK. You can reach out to me through email (best contact). Alternatively, you can text (2nd best) me at (252) 649-0559 and last you can call that same number. I have a tendency to screen our calls from robo dialers. So leave a message, and I'll call you right back.

LipSense Single Sm